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By the landscape protection area one reaches “Eversten Holz” with the quarter Eversten one attractive and popular housing situation. Beside the city forest Eversten Holz one finds into „the Hausbäkenniederung “ a recovery department further with their pond plants. The central and again arranged main street loads with your partially old-established business for dander and shopping.



The active quarter Haarentor is in particular by its proximity to the college of further education Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven and to the Carl-of-Ossietzky-university coined. By this proximity these quarters gladly of students as populated area one selects.



A further quarter near to the university is Bloherfelde. It offers on the one hand numerous students Apartment possibilities, on the other hand is this populated area with its one-und two-family houses and multicoloured gardens ideally for families. For the children the adventure and building playground offer one attractive alternation. Beautiful trips leave themselves into the neighbouring bunting country and to that “Woldsee” would drive through. Who would like to do something for its Fitness, this knows close convenient forest in that „Wildenloh “, where one finds a popular trim you offer.



The quarters Wechloy a piece quality of life guarantees with its traffic-reassuring and green residential streets. The scientific range of the university was integrated harmoniously into this quarter. Further university institutes and the professional training schools settled here. Expanded purchase possibilities are taken up also by the inhabitants of the surrounding countryside gladly.



The quarter Bürgerfelde is essentially also by divided into small section land development also one- and two-family houses coined. Nature friends and Jogger frequent gladly the close recovery forest „Bürgerbusch “.



Also Nadorst is a popular populated area: It is in the proximity to the city centre, offers however even very good purchase possibilities. To close convenient „Flötenteich“ with attached open-rir swimming pool one finds recovery and leisure fun.


Ohmstede und Bornhorst

Whom it pulls in the Green, who Ohmstede and Bornhorst can convert its dream in the quarters. With the old, thatched farms the past revives. And also here one finds pure at lake „the Bornhorster See“ recovery.



The constantly growing quarter Etzhorn retained his village character. It offers in particular to recent families, which estimate a living in the country, its ideal homeland. Over the urban motorway a good accessibility is guaranteed. Various purchase possibilities are however directly in the quarter present.



With the quarter Ofenerdiek offers a further contemplative populated area, which is taken up likewise gladly by families to Oldenburg.



To Donnerschwee modern trend architecture, historical community centres and old farmhouses supplies itself a harmonious interrelation. This variety offers optimal development possibilities to individualists. In Weser-Ems-resounds find numerous regional and superregional fairs and meetings instead of. On the open area around Weser-Ems-Halle annually the traditional Kramermarkt is celebrated, „of Oldenburg fifth season “. A further place of event in particular for sporty meetings such as basketball, hand ball and boxes is the EWE arena. The Oldenburger main station and the attached central bus station (ZOB) are here settled. Qualified technical schools, like the federal technical school for electrical and information technology (BfE), the specialized technical for the hairdresser handicraft of Lower Saxony, the technical school for the space equipping handicraft and the education centre for technology and organization offer superregional considered training possibilities.



The historical Cäcilienbrücke forms the entrance to the city centre near quarter Osternburg. The alive quarter offers with „the Osternburger market place “ a meeting place for young and old and besides various purchase possibilities.



Over the Bremer Heerstr. reaches one Tweelbäke, a trade area, where itself some regional and superregional companies settled.



The grown quarter Kreyenbrück consists of an alive mix to small and larger housing complexes, as well as in and two-family houses, which appear in particular in the numerous playing races. In the quarter one finds an extensive selection of purchase possibilities. Coined Kreyenbrück is substantially by the „Klinikum Oldenburg “ also various attached Reha-mechanisms, which complete the medical supply. With the company EWE Tel. a regionally meaning employer established itself here.



The quarter Krusenbusch is characterized by a family and twin-houses. Recent families can realize their dream here from the home of one's own to relatively favourable prices.  By this structure a neighbourly and a friendly are ensured with one another.



The southernmost quarter of Oldenburg is Bümmerstede. One finds rather a divided into small sections land development in the Greens environment also here. From here short ways lead into the surrounding countryside interesting for nature lovers, then directly „the Wildeshauser Geest” begins behind the city boundary.


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