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Welcome to Oldenburg

Oldenburg developed from the former residence from counts, dukes and large dukes to a modern large and university town also over 160.000 inhabitants.

In the northwest Lower Saxony it is the upper centre between Weser and Ems and understands itself as administrative, economical and cultural centre.

The city to the Hunte, offers a various offer to its inhabitants and visitors. Thus Oldenburg offers all advantages of a large city, however visibly and remained personal.

The city centre from Oldenburg is coined/shaped of restored old buildings, those beside the Oldenburger lock, which national theatres and the city hall complete the picture of a historical town centre.

The bent pedestrian precinct offers interesting purchase possibilities and call circuit offers. Besides cosy Cafés and restaurants with generous external terraces invite to staying. In the evening the tavern scene awakes.

Proximity to the city centre is the Dobbenviertel, whose centre forms the Oldenburg national theatre. With its attractive mansions it concerns here a populated area, which highest requirements becomes fair.

A further city centre near and exclusive housing situation offers the court quarter. In only few steps the palace garden can be attained, where one can find in the middle in the city relaxation. Two further points of attraction are the federal state museum for nature and humans and the leisure and recovery bath Olantis.

The brick yard quarter is a further city centre near populated area, which offers a special flair by Bürgerhäuser and the typical „Oldenburger Hundehütte “. The preference becomes that also here Oldenburger for the life in small housing units clearly.

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